As the destructive consequences of environmental problems such as global warming have been felt heavily, people are becoming aware of the importance of the nature and their responsibilities towards environmental protection. From this point of view, it might be expected that attitudes towards the environment should be changed resulting in changes in behavior for the betterment of present environmental problems. However, environmental problems are still there. Hence, this dilemma certainly required to discuss the need for a mechanism to change the code of behaviour and set of values which are internalized and adopted to guide their actions by the individuals.


In order to achieve this, environmental ethic is needed to guide environmental experts/decision makers, in making sound judgements and decisions. Thus, the most effective impact of this project will be the internalization of environmental ethics as a forceful tool for the establishment and application of environmentally sound policies and to take appropriate actions as a key personal in environmental protection and pollution control. It is, therefore, aimed to integrate and harmonize "environmental ethics" in environmental pollution control practices to increase environmental awareness of the environmental decision makers and experts. This will provide a bridge between "environmental knowledge" and "environmental behaviors" of members of the target groups.
Env-Ethics project meets the needs of target groups, namely,envethics.partners.250px

    Post Graduated students & VET Teachers,
    Graduated Students,
    Vocational Education Training Students, Decision Makers & Experts working in local authorities and governmental organizations,

by supporting and increasing their scientific, technological, educational and ethical works concerning the environment.




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